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  • What You Need to Know About Lift Kits Before You Purchase One

    Lift Kit on Vehicle

    There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing lift kits for your vehicle. What works for someone else may not work for you. Depending on your off-road use, personal preferences and driving style, one type of system may work better for your off-roading vehicle.

    First-time buyers often fall into one of two traps: they either want to buy something cheap or desire a suspension that more than fits their needs. Neither scenario is ideal. A poor-performing system ends up costing more than a complete kit from a manufacturer. Putting thousands of dollars into an off-road-specific suspension makes driving on-road or towing a trailer difficult.


    For a proper installation, some lift kits require modifications to the vehicle. This will depend on the model of the vehicle and the height you want. Modifications include extending the gearshift through the floorboard and raising the bumpers.

    The change in the tire size will also require a re-gearing to accommodate the difference. When altering the tire height and suspension, change the shock absorption system. To avoid using a wheel adaptor/spacer for your lift system installation, purchase the wheels after you buy the kit. Be sure to remember that many kits require a minimum offset rim.

    Changes in Efficiency and Performance

    Off-roaders who drive with a lift kit vary in their opinions of the effect it has on the ride. While some say a lift system makes the ride stiffer and more top-heavy, others see little change. It's important to note that the center of gravity will change after the installation.

    Regardless of the ride effect, a lift kit will make your vehicle much more off-road capable. However, vehicles with weak axles don't perform well with a lift system. Tire size will also affect the overall performance.

    Laws Regarding a Lift Kit

    The laws regarding kits vary from state to state. Even the highway patrol and DMV in some states are unclear about the regulations. Those entities sometimes refer inquirers to public safety offices or the American Automobile Association. In many cases, these offices will end up sending the inquirers back to the highway patrol.

    An internet search is the best source of information. There are resources that provide a list of differences for each state. However, the laws based on headlights and taillights are consistent. Measurements are from the lamp center to the terra firma. If you're in need of a kit that will satisfy your vehicle and the local regulations, search the many options at EZ Wheeler.

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