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  • Protect your Truck Bed with These Useful Truck Accessories

    Great Truck Accessories for your Truck Bed

    Ask anyone who’s got a pickup truck – one of the great things about trucks is the number of options available for customizing your truck and really making it your own, to suit your needs and preferences. That’s what we specialize in at Top Shop Truck Accessories …a wide assortment of toppers, tonneaus, running boards and other goodies to dress up your truck!

    Truck Accessories in Palmetto FL

    Fiberglass Truck Cap: 

    Truck Caps are a great accessory for any truck owner.  They are great for protecting all of your expensive tools and equipment.  They are also a great theft deterrent.  A custom fit fiberglass truck cap from A.R.E. is the perfect addition to any truck.  Get to EZ Wheeler to order yours today!!  We get your paint code so the cap matches your truck perfect and the smooth aerodynamic lines it provides will make you think your truck is a SUV. 

    Aluminum caps: 

    Commercial-grade truck caps from A.R.E. are the perfect choice for tradesmen who need an organized, safe way to transport tools, parts and other items. A.R.E. aluminum caps use heavy-gauge mounting rails and welded framework, with plenty of options for side doors, ladder racks and other systems.

    Fiberglass lids: 

    A low-profile tonneau cover or fiberglass lid might be just what your truck needs. These sturdy hinged lids are color-matched for your vehicle, with dependable latches, easy installation and custom-fit design for your truck.

    Hard bed covers: 

    Choose from several designs of hard bed covers to protect and manage your precious cargo. Our hard tonneaus are available in folding, roll-up or clamshell designs, with all the hardware needed for easy, quick installation.

    Soft bed covers: 

    For some, soft tonneau covers are the way to go…easy to install, with a sleek look, roll-up or tri-fold design and the flexibility for all sorts of cargo hauling uses. We carry soft tonneaus from Rugged and TruXedo.

    Cargo management: 

    Get to what you need easily with a cargo glide or bed slide, or an undercover swing-away case that tucks easily against the bed without interfering with cargo room for large loads. Or maybe you want to keep items from rolling around with a Loading Zone cargo gate, or add room with a Bed X-Tender HD!

    More at EZWheeler.com:

    Our assortment of truck accessories doesn’t just stop there. Here at EZ Wheeler, we can set you up with:

    You guessed it!! When it comes to truck accessories EZ Wheeler has it all.  If you can't find what you're looking for on our website, EZWheeler.com, then give us a call at: (260) 478-2709 and we'll help you find what you need!!

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