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  • The Pros and Cons of Tonneau Truck Covers

    Whatever you transport in the back of your truck, transport it securely. If it is made of metal, you probably wouldn't want the rain to rust it. No matter where you are headed, you likely want the transport to go safely. Tonneau covers just might be perfect for keeping everything reliably protected in your truck bed. There's a reason why these covers are popular among pickup truck owners: They work. Looking over the pros and cons of these covers should help you figure out if one is right for you.

    The Convenience Factor

    You don't roll up one of these covers. They are built with a simple folding system; a "tri-fold" system involving three separate hinges is common. Fold it open. Fold it closed. That's all you need to do to access the truck bed and close it again.

    Installation Isn't Too Difficult

    Installing one of these covers on a truck doesn't require many steps. A handy truck owner probably won't have much difficulty working with the rails, clamps, and mounting parts. Just be sure the cover maintains the right fit for the truck or it won't fasten properly, if at all. Anyone struggling to install the cover can likely get it done at a local garage.

    Don't Overlook Aerodynamics

    You probably want your truck to handle well on the road. Accessories sold at EZ Wheeler try to help with this cause. Truck bed covers, surprisingly, can support better aerodynamics. Did you know that tonneau covers owe their origin to truck racing? When you drive your truck in the wind, an aerodynamic drag hits the vehicle. These covers have been shown to cut down on that bothersome drag.

    Fuel efficiency has been listed as an advantage associated with these covers. Consumer Reports ran tests that revealed the covers slightly improved gas mileage.

    The Cost Factor

    If there's one drawback to consider, it's the cost. The price on tonneau selections can be a bit high, but the benefits of these covers make them worth the price tag.

    Like anything else, tonneau truck covers come with their share of pros and cons, but the benefits do outweigh the drawbacks. Figure out what you need, determine your budget, and pick one that works for you.

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