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  • Top 3 Reasons to Buy a JKS Lift Kit for Your Jeep

    You've likely gotten to this article because you are trying to find the best lift kit for your Jeep.  There are a lot of Jeep lift kits out there so it is crucial that you do your home work and get a kit that is high quality and will last a long time.  With that being said you are probably wondering which lift kit we prefer for our Jeeps.  

    Well that's an easy one.

    It is the opinion of everyone here at EZ Wheeler that JKS manufactures one of the best lift kits that you can put on your Jeep.   We've done our homework and boiled it down to three main reasons why we think you should install a JKS lift kit on your Jeep.

    1 Quality

    One of the best things about JKS Manufacturing is the fact that all of there parts are made right here in the USA.  This means when you purchase a JKS lift kit for your Jeep you are supporting local jobs and businesses.  Parts made in the USA also come with a stamp of quality.  This is because they are made out of premium grade materials by American hands utilizing state of the art machinery.  JKS products also take advantage of original equipment and technology whenever possible, which means vehicle drivability and reliability will not be compromised.  


    2 Warranties

    One thing that sets the top brands apart from the cheap ones is a great warranty.  JKS is has some of the best warranties when it comes to aftermarket Jeep parts.  Their factory protection plus plan is great, and includes:

    • 5 Year, 100,000-mile PLUS Protection
    • Free, no cost protection for JKS customers
    • Could save thousands on possible repairs
    • Easy online application process
    • Available for most late model vehicles

    Another great thing about JKS is the fact that all of their lift kits for Jeeps are FMVS No.126 compliant.  Which means that their lift kits have been tested and successfully passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 126 compliance test. This highly specialized test was performed to prove the installation of the particular Jspec suspension system, with specified wheel and tire package will not compromise the performance and effectiveness of the vehicle’s Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system keeping you safer on the road.

    3 Ease of Install

    These are some of the easiest lift kits to install on a Jeep.  Every lift kit comes with detailed instructions that are extremely easy to follow.  So if you like to work on your Jeep yourself, you will have trouble finding a kit that is easier to self install.  For those of you who have never turned a wrench before, you can let us handle the install.  The guys here at EZ Wheeler make lifting your Jeep EZ.  So stop by one of our two locations today!!!

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