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3 Custom Truck Parts to Improve Your Ride’s Look

custom truck parts

When you incorporate custom truck parts to your ride, you are truly making it your own. The only constraints that could prevent you from driving a fully customized ride are your imagination and your budget.

There are different reasons people elect to customize their ride—better performance, looks, sound, and more.  So, what are the best parts to customize to improve your truck’s look? Here are 3 parts that will improve your look and create jealous onlookers, no matter where your next adventure takes you.

Lift It

Suspension lift kits are primarily used to improve your visibility, make it possible to install larger tires and add space between your truck and the ground. If you’re planning on using your truck for towing, it’s helpful to have a lift kit to keep the back of your truck from “squatting” too much when the extra weight is added. If you plan on taking your truck offroading, you need a suspension lift kit to avoid bottoming out and to make all those bumps in the road more comfortable for you and your passengers.

Leveling kits are perfect for someone who just wants to get rid of that awkward factory-designed rake that makes the back of the truck sit higher than the front. To keep your warranty intact, have your dealer install it.

Brighter Lights

One of the most underrated customized truck parts is your headlights and backup lights. While your stock lights may do a so-so job currently while driving down a well-lit highway, they might let you down when you get on a small backroad that isn’t well lit. It is important to be able to see what is in front of you while driving, it is equally important to be able to see what is off to the side. The same applies to your backup lights, as they make it easier to see what is behind you when you are in reverse.

There are many aftermarket solutions available, that allow you to get customized lights that are brighter and more powerful. Your options for lighting include halogen, LED, HID, bolt on, and so many more. LED lights will provide you with the biggest boost in brightness over your conventional stock lights.

Accessorize the Bed

The bed of your truck is a playground for customization. Everything from bed covers and caps to liners and toolboxes can be added to create the look you’re after. Covers are a must-have for keeping your gear dry and safe. Whether your budget is large or small, you can improve the look of your truck with bed accessories.

Whatever parts of your vehicle you decide to improve with custom truck parts, you’ll find the parts necessary from EZ Wheeler. Customizing your vehicle allows you to showcase your personality while improving functionality, power, and performance!

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