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Towing with a Lifted Truck? | Is it safe?

Can I Still Tow with a Lifted Truck?

We keep seeing a common question pop up among our base within some forums. People love lifting there truck, but they also have to think about practicality, chances are, if they have a truck, they have it for good reason. Meaning, they probably use that truck for work, and more than likely uses it to tow heavy loads. This leads people to wondering how lifting there truck will effect the quality of the ride while towing. Some people will flat out tell you, Do not tow with a lifted truck, its all bad. But thats not entirely true. Now if you just lift your truck really high and slap some bigger tires on there you may run into some problems. But like anything else, if you make sure your right, legal, and safe, with a proper setup and combination you can get the job done.

Some Important Things To Remember:

  • Lifting your truck raises your center of gravity
  • The higher the lift the lower the towing capacity
  • Make sure your tires are properly rated for the trailer

Its totally possible to tow with a lifted truck, you just need to get the correct combination to make it work, check your ratings! Just as one of our Senior Members in our forum points out, if you build your truck out for what you want it to do everything will be fine, he states how he changed his gears and put a heavy duty breaking system on his truck and has no problem towing!

Remember: The Higher your truck is, the bigger the drop on your hitch. The bigger the drop the less tow rating it has.
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