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  • Best Places to Offroad in Indiana

    It’s mudding season, and if you’re anything like us then you need challenging terrain!  Don’t worry because EZ Wheeler is here to make your search for off road adventure EZ!  So just keep reading to learn about our favorite off road trails in all of indiana.  

    Redbird State Riding Area

    Location: Co. Rd. 350 N Co. Rd. 1550W, Dugger, Indiana

    This is one of our favorite off road spots because Redbird State Riding Area is actually a state owned off road park.  The park actually used to be an old abandoned coal mine but the state has done a great job of turning the mine into an incredible set of off road trails.  It features miles of trails for all skill levels.  The slopes range from Gentle to Technically difficult and they reward drivers with diverse trails to explore.

    There is more than just offroading at Redbird too, there are tons of fishing and hiking trails.  According to their webpage, Redbird State Riding Area is planning a ton of reclamation projects, and as they are completed more areas will be opened and more non-motorized trails will be built.  Plans for the future of Redbird include picnic areas, walking and biking trails, and areas that tell about the coal mining operations.  With all the Changes coming to Redbird this is going to be a good park

    Interlake Property

    Location: Lynnville, Indiana - Visit Park Website For Directions

    Interlake State Recreation Area is another former coal mine  that has been turned into a set of fun off roading trails.  These incredible Indiana off road trails are located on about 3550 acres, so there is no doubt you’ll find some fun terrain no matter what your skill level. Trails here range from steep rugged spoil banks to rolling hilly grasslands, there are also tons of man-made lakes and final cut strip pits.  Interlake has vast and diverse trails and scenery that is sure to please any off road enthusiast.

    Haspin Acres

    Location: 21208 Laurel Road, Laurel, IN 47024

    Another favorite of EZ Wheeler is Haspin Acres!  Trail riding at Haspin is something that anyone can enjoy. This off road park in Laurel, Indiana has 750 scenic acres of wooded hills and trails, nestled in the heart of beautiful, rustic, rural Indiana winding through trees and over hills, any skill level can successfully find a challenge. With the ultimate challenge being "Devil's Backbone". Haspin Acres has a ton to offer, with motocross tracks, mud bog pits, drag strips, tons of trail riding, it’s EZ to see that they’ve got something for everyone.


    Badlands Off Road Park

    Location: 3968 North Xavier, Attica, IN 47918

    Possibly one of the best and most highly recommended offroad park in all of indiana is The Badlands Off Road Park.  This park is a privately-owned tract of about 800 acres in western Indiana, about 30 minutes south west of Lafayette. It is literally a mish mashed  smorgasbord of Indiana off road trails and excitement.  Riding areas are extremely diverse and not limited to sand dunes, pea gravel hills, bottomless mud, the tightest off-camber woods trails, extreme rock crawling, shear drop-offs, hood-deep water, stream crossings, and much more.  If you can think of a terrain it’s probably at The Badlands.

    Parts and Equipment!

    With all this off roading your about to be doing there is no doubt you are going to need aftermarket and replacement parts.  Head over to EZWheeler.com, we make shopping for off roading parts and equipment EZ!

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