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  • What You Need To Know About Control Arms

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    As with every intricate piece of your automobile's suspension system, control arms play a pivotal role to the overall function of your vehicle. It allows you to steer your car while also allowing your tires and chassis too smoothly go up and down together in a controlled fashion. Lets take a closer look.

    What Is A Control Arm, and What Does It Do?

    Most vehicles have one or two control arms per wheel. What this part essentially does is connect a wheels steering knuckle to the vehicle frame. Connected with bolts and bushings which allow the ride to be more silent and smoother. The Control arm connects via a ball joint to allow wheel movement in all directions. Control arms come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on application and vehicle make and model. For example, most front-wheel drive trucks use two control arms, while most rear-wheel drive trucks use four control arms.. They can be A shaped, L shaped, or a wishbone shape. 

    The importance of this component is that it helps in controlling movement of the axle on bumpy roads or uneven terrain. It also controls the direction of the wheels on turns, making driving safer for everyone involved.

    Are They Easy To Damage? How Do I Know & What Can I Do?

    A vehicle control arm is a part of the suspension system that extends from the frame of a vehicle to one wheel. A bent or damaged control arm will cause the wheel to shake, vibrate, or pull.

    A control arm can wear out over time, especially if it is exposed to dirt, debris, and salt on regular basis. Failure to repair worn-out control arms will lead to more serious problems with wheels and tires.

    First, you can look for signs of damage by checking the ball joints. If there is any distortion on the ball joints, then your vehicle's control arms are likely damaged. Secondly, you can check if there is any movement of the tire on the ground- if not, then it might be time for some repairs.

    If there are no obvious signs of damage or wear and tear, then you can use a diagnostic scan to help find out what exactly is wrong with your vehicle's control arms.

    Final Thoughts

    Though they seem like a very simple component, Control Arms play an important role in the overall function and safety of a vehicle and as always, if you ever find yourself in need of new Control Arms, you know we have you covered.

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