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Our Favorite Place to Off Road in Ohio

If you are in Ohio and love to off road then you need to check out Wellsville trails, our favorite place to off road in all of Ohio. This off road trail is located at Twp. Rd. 306 (dry run road) Hammondsville, Ohio 43930. According to the locals this is the best place to off road in all of Ohio, which is probably why we like it so much. Not only that it is also 3rd in the nation for off roading. Which means if you take the trip out there you are guaranteed hours of off road fun.

This is the place to go off roading and that is obvious! It has come to be known by a couple of different names over the years such as Wellsville, Yellow Creek, and the Pitts. Another great thing about this park is that is open to all Trucks, Jeeps, Buggies, Quads, and Motorcycles fit for the mud and rocks. One of our favorite things about this park is the fact that it is open 24hrs a day 365 days a year. This means you could get a camping spot wait till it's late and turn on those off road lights for some night riding. Wellsville has a kind of ride at your own risk environment, which we think is great. They have so many riding areas too, places like creek beds, smooth hills, rough rocky hills, some very hairy hills, and some flat trails. All of this diversity offers a variety of different obstacles and terrains that are fit for all types of riders young or old.

If you are looking for off road fun that can't be matched then you need to get to Wellsville trails for you're next camping trip. If you are looking to outfit your off road rig before you head out for your next off road adventure then head over to We have everything you could ever want to build that off road rig of your dreams.

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