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Single or Dual Steering Stabilizer?

The Difference Between Single and Dual Steering Stabilizers

There seems to be a huge debate on the internet right now about single and dual steering stabilizers.  Do I need a single stabilizer? Do I need a dual stabilizer?  Do I even need a stabilizer?

These seem to be the questions that everybody is asking.  

The only problem is there doesn't seem to be a clear answer out there.  You have some people claiming that a single steering stabilizer will work for any truck or Jeep.  While others will say that dual stabilizers are needed for tougher off road rigs and work trucks.  Some people say you don't need a steering stabilizer at all.  

Well lucky for you EZ Wheeler is here to dispel all of the rumors and myths. So keep reading to ensure that you get the right steering stabilizer for your needs.  

What Does a Steering Stabilizer Do?

Sure, most of us probably already know what a steering stabilizer is used for, and if you do you can skip this section.  There are however, probably those out there that don't, and it's important to know what a steering stabilizer does for your vehicle before discussing the differences between the two types.

So, lets get right into it, you've just lifted your truck and put some big old tires on it.  Great, right? Well of course it is, until you start to experience the vibrations that sometimes come with those larger tires.  This is where the steering stabilizer comes into play.  It serves one major purpose and that is to minimize these vibrations, that are associated with your large tires.  The steering stabilizer gives you improved handling and better ride quality by dampening the side to side motion of your tires.  Much like shock absorbers dampen the up and down movement of your vehicle.  

So Whats the Difference?

There really isn't that big a difference between the two.  Like the names imply a single stabilizer only has one dampener while a dual has two.  This means that the dual stabilizer dampens the vibrations a little bit more.  

The main thing you need to be thinking when deciding which type to go with is your driving style, as usual.  If your daily driver is vibrating a little bit then you can probably get away with a single stabilizer.  If you do a lot of heavy off roading or put heavy duty accessories on your truck like winches or snow plows you would probably benefit from a dual steering stabilizer. 

Just Be Careful 

The reason we say to be careful is because a steering stabilizer can sometimes cover up bigger issues with your steering system.  It's always a good idea to make sure your vehicle isn't suffering from some of the bigger issues like poor alignment, improper steering geometry, a broken track-bar mount on the frame or axle, or any number of other things.  If you end up adding a steering stabilizer to mask one of these problems you could end up with a much costlier problem down the road.  

If you are in need of a single steering stabilizer or dual steering stabilizer for your vehicle then look no further than EZ Wheeler!  We have everything you need to make your truck the truck of your dreams.  

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