An Introduction to Truck Toppers

truck toppers

When shopping for truck toppers, you will quickly discover different types to choose from. So, how do you know what type of topper is right for you? Here is an introduction to the different types of toppers and their features.

Fiberglass Toppers

Fiberglass toppers offer a sleek look with the best warranty. If the appearance of your topper is important to you, then a fiberglass topper is the best option for you, as they will give your truck the best look. It is easy to get a fiberglass topper that is painted to match the body of your truck. Because fiberglass toppers have the longest warranty, it is the most popular choice for truck owners.

Aluminum Toppers

Aluminum toppers are the cheaper choice. Additionally, they are the most lightweight option and come in a variety of window styles. Most come in standard colors, but some can be painted a specific color if requested, for an additional fee. If you’re looking for a lightweight, budget-friendly topper, consider purchasing an aluminum one.

Commercial Toppers

Commercial toppers are great for those who are in a specific industry and need a topper that can accommodate their needs. Commercial toppers are custom built using heavy-grade aluminum. These units utilize lighting, shelving, cubbies, ladder racks and other features that are custom placed, allowing you to have the perfect topper to fit your unique needs.

Regardless of the type of truck toppers you are looking for, EZ Wheeler has the topper to fit your truck and your needs.

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