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A Guide to Offroad Lighting Mounts and Brackets

If you like to drive at night, it is important to have good visibility. This is true whether you are on the highway or traveling off-road. Fortunately, there are plenty of lighting and mounting options to choose from to meet your needs and budget.

Where Are You Going to Put the Lights?

The type of bracket that you need partially depends on where the light is going to be installed. For instance, if you plan to put a light on the windshield you will need a windshield bracket mount. If you are going to put an LED light bar along the truck bed, it may not be necessary to buy a special mount. Instead, products might come with a universal mount for ease of installation.

Incandescent Lights Tend to Be Larger

As a general rule, incandescent lights tend to be larger than LED lights, which means that you will want to look for a larger mount or bracket. In some cases, you will need to drill custom holes to install the mount. This is typically true if you plan to put them over the truck's cabin or any other location where there is no place designated by the manufacturer to mount a light.

Magnetic Bases Could Make Mounting and Removing Lights Easier

If you are going to install an LED light bar or a single LED light, it may be possible to make use of a magnetic mount. This can make it easier to install the light or take it down while also reducing the amount of damage to the truck's paint job.

Clamp Mounts Can Be Used for Almost Any Product

Clamp mounts are ideal for those who want to use a combination of incandescent lights or LED lights on their vehicle. In fact, these types of mounts can be used on any type of vehicle. This means that you can install them on your truck or a passenger vehicle that is tough enough to handle going off-road. To use the clamp mount, you simply adjust it to the proper tube diameter and place it wherever you want to install the lighting.

When you are driving in poorly lit areas or in inclement weather conditions, it is important that you can see where you are going. With the proper lights and mounts, you will have clear sight lines across fields, dirt paths or any other road that most don't dare to travel. Find the lighting accessories and mounts you need at EZ Wheeler.

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