Body Lift Kit or Suspension Lift Kit?

If you are constantly hearing the call of the wild off road then you are just like us!  If you take the trail as seriously as we do then you know your off road rig won’t be taken seriously if it can’t mud and rock-crawl with the rest of them.  

When it comes to building the off road rig of your dreams one of the most common questions we get asked is what is the difference between body lifts and suspension lift kits.  Both kits can offer extra clearance for bigger tires but the similarities end there.  

Read below to learn about all the pros and cons of both types of lift kits, After you’ve read we’re sure you’ll be able to decide which lift kit is best for your rig.   

Body Lift Kits

When it comes to body lift kits the name says it all,  a body lift kit raises the vehicle's body higher while leaving the wheels and suspension at their original height.  With a body lift kit you can get up to three inches of additional space, to install larger tires.  If the lift is mild this option can be installed without affecting your driving experience or handling.  

There are two main pros to a body lift kit, and those pros are the cost and ease of installation.  A body lift kit will cost you much less than a suspension lift, and will be much easier to install.  There are also a couple of cons that you should be aware of before you purchase your body lift kit.  A body lift will not increase your ride’s overall ground clearance, and will also add stress to your suspension that could result in future failures.  You will also get a distinct gap between your cab and bed, with a body lift kit.

Suspension Lift Kits

There is probably a huge list of things you want to upgrade on your off road rig.  More than likely all of these upgrades will benefit from a lifted suspension.  Because of the increased ground and tire clearance suspension lift kits are a must have mod for any dusty off road trail.

The extra ground clearance of the suspension lift kit is the biggest difference between suspension and body lifts.  Suspension lifts may be more expensive than a body lift kit, but the higher clearance and durability provided by the better alignment make the high cost worth it.  

The Verdict: Suspension Lift or Body Lifts?

Picking the right lift kit basically comes down to the type of off roading you do.  Do you plan on climbing the steepest hills and biggest boulders?  Do you love huge tires and wheels?  Do you have plenty of money for modding your off road rig?  If you answered yes to even one of these questions then you obviously need a suspension lift kit.  However, if your trail riding adventures are a little more on the mild side, a body lift will probably suffice.  What you need pretty much depends on your driving style.  No matter what your off roading style is you can fill all of your suspension lift and body lift kit needs at!

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