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  • Best MODS for your Truck: Upgrades, Safety, Utility, Protection & Off-roading

    What are the best truck mods?

    Best MODS for your Truck: Upgrades, Safety, Utility, Protection & Off-roading

    We have answered this before, but we still get the age old question about which mods are the best, or which mod should I get for this or that? You get the idea, so we figured it was time once again to go over this topic in more detail.

    Upgrade Modifications

    New Air Intake - This nice tool will reduce air temperatures as well as increase airflow. Don’t be a monster, let your engine breathe a little. Thats exactly what a cold air intake does, it brings cooler air aka more oxygen into your combustion chamber, which translates to more power, which you need.

    Custom/Aftermarket Exhaust - Upgrading your vehicles exhaust system can do a lot of things for you, for one, it can increase the overall value of your vehicle, who doesn’t like that? It can improve your engines performance as well as your gas mileage. It gives your truck a new look, sound, and even feeling.

    Performance Chip - This bad boy will allow your engine to produce more horsepower and torque, there's different types you can get, some chips increase horsepower, some increase throttle response, and some increase fuel mileage.

    Lift Kit - Give your off-roader more clearance and give yourself a better view.

    High Performance Breaks - When your off-road tearing up the trails and a 2 ton buck jumps right in front of you, your gonna wish you installed some high performance breaks on your rig.

    Simple but Effective Theft & Scam Prevention, utility & Protection

    Dash Cam - We recommend to everyone these days, that you get yourself a Dash Cam, these are helpful for so many different reasons, most importantly it can cover your ass from a potential scammer.

    Tailgate Lock - Another one we tell everyone about is getting a tailgate lock or clamp, you can buy an official lock product from amazon, or you could get yourself a simple hose clamp, these will prevent someone from just walking up and yanking your tailgate off.

    Truck Cap/Cover - A truck Cap or Cover can offer an extra layer of protection not only from thieves but Mother Nature as well, added benefits are always nice.

    Floor Liners - Who wants dirty kids or dogs stomping all over your new ride’s interior, be smart and make a smart investment. Floor Liners are a no brainer, and will help keep the value of your car up.

    Storage Boxes - These will not only offer theft prevention for your valuables, it will keep you organized, and you will come off as someone that has things figured out.

    Good Modifications for Off-roading

    Trail Tires - You dont wanna be the Joe blow who falls off the side of the mountain, make sure you equip the rig of your dreams with some big ol’ monster of some wheels that have some real grip to em.

    Hitch - You never know when your gonna have to tow Joe blow back up the mountain, your gonna be glad you got the tires AND a nice hitch to help those who didn’t make a smart decision like you. These things come in handy in many situations, whether its the one we just explained, you gotta pull something out of the way, you never know what obstacles you will face out on the trail.

    Skid Plate - After you spend the money on a off-roader, you wanna make sure everything stays as nice as possible when your out beating everything up on the trail, a skid plat will protect the under guts of your rig. It will help prevent massive damage to essential components of your vehicle. Without one of these, you may end up paying more in repairs.

    Light Bar - When you get out there on the trail and your having yourself a blast, times gonna fly, and before you know it, you find yourself out in the middle of the wilderness in the pitch black, and you won’t be able to see, that is until you flip on the light bar you decided to splooge on. Theres applicable benefits to this tool as well safety precautions.

    Headache Bar - A headache bar is a good investment simply because It may actually keep you from getting a headache some day while you’re on the bumpy trail, headache bars allow you to tie down cargo so they don’t come crashing thru the rear view window and bonking someone in the back of the head.

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