Why Buy a Used Truck Cap

Reasons to go With a Used Truck Cap

There are plenty of reasons to put a truck cap on the bed of your truck.  Maybe you want to protect your gear from the elements.  It also becomes a huge theft deterrent when storing more expensive gear.  A lot of people like to take them camping and use them as tents.  What ever your reason is, it's obvious that you will benefit from a truck cap.  The only problem is a brand new truck cap can end up costing a lot more money than you would probably like to spend.  

And this is why used truck caps are a great option...

The great thing about a used truck cap is that it offers all of the same benefits of a new one but at a fraction of the price.  When you order a new cap you are looking at an investment of upwards of $1500, and that's for one of the cheaper models.  When purchasing the same type of truck cap used you can usually get it for around $350-$500, significantly cheaper.  Another reason to think about a used truck cap is the instant gratification.  When you buy a new truck cap, you will usually have to wait about a month for your cap to be custom built for your truck.  This is fine for some but for those who need their truck cap now, a used cap would be the faster option.   

Used Truck Cap Buying Tips

This section is for those of you who have decided that a used truck cap is the better option.  Make sure you check out some of our tips for purchasing a used truck cap below, to make sure you are not getting ripped off.

  1. Check for spider cracks around the corners and chips on the edges. 
  2. Insure there is a proper seal along the bottom.
  3. Check the seals along the window for dry rot, etc...
  4. Look down the length for bumps (un-flat surface) that would imply there was a hole/crack that was repaired. 
  5. If possible, insure the wood frame inside the fiberglass isnt rotting. 
  6. Look at the screens if you plan on using the windows. 
  7. And of course, always measure for fit.

Best Place to Get a Used Truck Cap

If you've already decided that a used cap is what you need, then your next question is probably where do I get a good used cap?  Well EZ Wheeler has the answer.  Here at EZ Wheeler we have a huge inventory of used truck caps for sale.  When ever we get new inventory we immediately upload it to the used truck cap section of our website.  Our inventory is always changing as we sell caps and get new used caps in regularly.  So make sure you check in regularly to see if we have something for your truck!  We are located at: 11319 Indianapolis Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46809 so if you are ever in the area you can always stop by to see what we have in stock.

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