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  • Protect Your Truck From the Salt This Winter

    Stop the Rust With These Tips

    We all understand the importance of road salt in the winter.  With out it, the roads would ice over and we'd be sliding all over the place in our rear wheel trucks. 

    The only problem is, not only does it keep us safe, it causes terrible rust and corrosion.  

    This is why taking active steps to protect your truck from road salt is necessary in the colder months.  Follow these tips to help prevent rust this winter.   

    Get to the Car Wash

    After the roads have been salted the car wash should be your best friend.  Make sure you are heading there regularly to prevent things like damage to your trucks's clear finish, rust, and damage to the mechanics of your truck.  

    When to Wash Your Truck

    We think it's best to take a trip to the car wash every 10 days or so.  If that's to hard to keep track of,  you can go with once a week.  Make sure you are washing your undercarriage when you're there. 

    It's also probably a good idea to wash your truck whenever the temperature gets a little warmer in your area.  Also, try to wash your truck as soon as possible after it rains, or snows.

    You always want to wash your truck during the day, that way it has time to dry and won't freeze in the evening. While we are the topic of freezing it is probably a good idea to walk around your truck and open and close all the doors, tailgate, and other parts with locks.  This will prevent the locks from freezing and locking up. 

     Other Tips to Combat the Salt

    • Avoid driving through deep snow. Deep snow can become packed into the undercarriage and contribute to corrosion and even cause drivability problems (reduced braking action, vibrations, inhibit airflow, etc).
    • Avoid driving through large puddles of standing water where road salt collects.
    • Repair paint chips that are larger than the tip of a pen to avoid corrosion.
    • Wax your truck at least every six months to give your vehicle a strong protective coating.
    • Wax your vehicle before winter to protect your paint from corrosive salt.

    Certain vehicle problems are inevitable, but rust from road salt is one that can be prevented. Make sure you head over to EZWheeler.com for more tips and tips for your truck!



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