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  • EZ Steering Stabilizer Buying Guide

    If you are looking for a steering stabilizer but having trouble pin pointing which one will work best for you, then you just clicked the right link.  This guide is designed to provide all the information you will need before you purchase a steering stabilizer.  We will be taking you through all of the basics like where to start and what a steering stabilizer does, so this guide will be perfect for beginners.  We will also give you a brand comparison so that if you already know a lot about steering stabilizers, you can skip right there and find the best one for your needs.  

    1. What Does a Steering Stabilizer Do?
    2. Where To Start
    3. Different Types of Steering Stabilizers
    4. Brand Comparison

    What Does a Steering Stabilizer Do?

    The main purpose of a steering stabilizer is to stop some of the vibrations that come with equipping your vehicle with oversized tires.  When you put bigger tires on your off road vehicle, chances are you will start to experience some extra vibrations.  To some this has become known as the "Death Wobble."  Steering stabilizers work to stop the shimmy that comes with oversized tires, giving you a smoother ride.  So in Short steering stabilizers give you improved handling and a better ride quality. 

    Where To Start

    The best place to start is probably with your tires.  Do you have huge tires, or plan to install bigger tires?  If so then you could probably benefit from a steering stabilizer.  Also, if you are experiencing some unexpected vibrations while driving, then a steering stabilizer could help to dampen those vibrations.  Knowing the type of driving conditions you are going to put your car through can also help.  If you plan on doing a lot of off roading you might benefit from a heavy duty dual steering stabilizer.  Which brings us to our next section:  

    Different Types of Steering Stabilizers

    There are two types of steering stabilizers, a dual stabilizer and a single stabilizer.  Which one is best for you is based on the type of driving you do. 

    Single Steering Stabilizer

    A single steering stabilizer is better for your daily driver, a truck that is not going to be used for many heavy-duty functions.  If you have tires that are 33" or smaller and not doing a lot of heavy off roading, then a single steering stabilizer will fit your needs perfectly

    Dual Steering Stabilizer 

    Vehicles that use heavy accessories such as winches and snow plows and have larger tires that are 35” or larger will benefit greatly from a dual steering stabilizers. For amazing control, lifted vehicles that are used for off-road purposes dual steering stabilizers are a must have.

    Brand Comparison

    When choosing any type of aftermarket off roading parts it is always best to go with a reputable brand that you know and trust.  There are to many imitators out there passing off cheaply made parts for cheap.  The reality is these parts often break easily and don't have the same warranties that the major brands provide.  Below we have listed our favorite brands that we feel have a great quality and price. 

    Zone Offroad

     Stabilizer Type Starting Price Warranty Ease of Install
    Single $39.50 Yes 1/5
    Dual $89.95 Yes 1/5

    BDS Suspension

     Stabilizer Type Starting Price Warranty Ease of Install
    Single $31.58 Yes  1/5
    Dual $51.22 Yes 1/5


     Stabilizer Type Starting Price Warranty Ease of Install
    Single $99.95 Yes 1/5
    Dual N/A


     Stabilizer Type

    Starting Price


    Ease of Install