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  • EZ Used Truck Cap Buying Guide

    Truck caps are a good investment for any truck owner.  All the benefits that come with a truck cap make them pretty valuable.  You can use them as a tent while camping, they serve as a huge theft deterrent to burglars, and finally they protect you're expensive tools and equipment from the weather.  Which brings us to this buying guide, we will take you through everything you need to know before purchasing a used truck cap, so you can make an informed decision.  We'll tell you where the best place to start is, some things to look out for when making your purchase, and we'll do a brand comparison so you know which used truck cap will be best for you. 

    Used Truck Cap Buying Guide


    1. Where to Start
    2. Different Types of Used Truck Caps
    3. What to Look Out For
    4. Brand Comparison
    5. Best Place to Get a Used Cap

    Where to Start

    The best place to start when purchasing a used truck cap is with your needs. If you are reading this then you most likely have the need to protect your truck bed and gear from the elements. But there is a lot of other things to keep in mind when deciding which used cap to go with. Are you going to need standing or crouching room? Or room for tall cargo? If so you might want to be looking for a used cap with extra head room. Would you like to mount things to the roof of your truck cap? Then you'll want to look for a used cap with a ladder rack. Are you going to be sleeping or camping under the cap? Knowing the answer to all of these questions will help you out a lot when you are searching for a used truck cap for your vehicle.

    Different Types of Used Truck Caps

    There are two types of truck caps with very subtle differences.  Those differences will be outlined below, to help you figure out which truck cap type is best for you.


    Fiberglass caps are the more popular of the two truck cap types.  They feature an exterior that is painted to match your truck so they have a much better look than an aluminum cap.  All of the interior options available on a fiberglass cap, make it a very attractive option for most people. Fiberglass caps are also insulated much better than aluminum caps making them ideal for camping and sleeping under.   There are some disadvantages that are associated with fiberglass caps, such as the high price.  Most of the time you will be spending a lot more on a fiberglass cap.  Also, they are much heavier than aluminum caps, making them hard to install on your own. 


    The biggest difference between the two types of truck caps is that an aluminum truck cap is much cheaper than a fiber glass cap.  Most people go with an aluminum cap for this reason alone.  Another advantage of an aluminum cap is the fact that they are so much lighter than a fiberglass cap.  This makes them much easier to install and remove by yourself.  So if you plan on taking your cap on and off a lot then an aluminum cap will make it much easier for you.  Some of the disadvantages of a aluminum truck cap include poor insulation.  This only becomes a problem if you plan to do a lot of camping under your cap.  Some people also find the aluminum cap to be less attractive than a fiberglass cap.  

    What to Look Out For

    Buying a used cap can sometimes be a pretty risky endeavor.  Sometimes things can go wrong with a used cap and it's best to know your stuff before you get into the buying process.  Here is a couple of things that you should look for when purchasing a new cap:

    1. Check for spider cracks around the corners and chips on the edges. 
    2. Insure there is a proper seal along the bottom.
    3. Check the seals along the window for dry rot, etc...
    4. Look down the length for bumps (un-flat surface) that would imply there was a hole/crack that was repaired. 
    5. If possible, insure the wood frame inside the fiberglass isnt rotting. 
    6. Look at the screens if you plan on using the windows. 
    7. And of course, always measure for fit.

    Knowing what to look for can save you a lot of trouble.  If you purchase a used cap and your bed fills up with water after the first rain fall, then you know you've wasted your money.  This is why it is important to inspect the cap thoroughly before you hand over your hard earned cash.  

    Brand Comparison

    In this section we will be comparing the differences between a new and used cap from our favorite truck cap manufactures.  Take a look below to find out which truck cap is best for your needs.  


     Condition  Base Price Warranty
    Used as low as $350 No
    New $1500 Yes


     Condition  Base Price Warranty
    Used as low as $350 No
    New $1199 Yes


     Condition  Base Price Warranty
    Used as low as $350 No
    New $1309 Yes

    Best Place to Buy a Used Cap

    If you are having trouble finding the right place to purchase your used truck cap then we have the answer for you!  You guessed it, EZ Wheeler is the best place to get a used truck cap.  Plus we have two locations, one in Fort Wane, IN and one in Lima, OH.  Which means we have twice as many used truck caps for you to look at!  All of our used truck caps can be found on our website, and our inventory is constantly changing.  So make sure you check in regularly to see what new used caps we have in stock!