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  • Best Off Road Truck Accessories

    Let me guess you just bought a truck and you're ready for some extreme off road action.  Well slow down, chances are your brand new truck isn't ready for the beating your about to put on it.  The fact is most trucks are going to spend 99% of the time on a paved surface, so manufactures assemble their trucks with this in mind.  This means you're going to need some off road truck accessories to make sure your truck is ready to handle the off road fun you're about to have.  

    Figuring out what off road truck accessories you need is one of the hardest parts of building your dream off road rig.  That's why EZ Wheeler is here to to make your truck accessories experience EZ!  We have compiled some of the most essential off roading accessories that we think every off roading enthusiast should start with.  So if you are wondering what truck accessories are most important for your off road rig then continue reading.  


    One of the first things you should be thinking about when building your off road rig is the tires.  Going back to what we saying earlier, your trucks stock tires are made with the thought that your truck will be on the road 99% of the time.  These tires have soft side walls and a mild tread pattern.  These options may make for a quite and smooth ride on the street, but they definitely make for a terrible off roading experience.  The soft side walls are going to be easier to cut or pop when your driving over rocks and branches off the street, while the mild tread will get loaded with mud making them useless.

    To help you get better performance from your off road rig one of the first truck accessories you will want to invest in is more aggressive off road tires.  With stronger tires that are made for off roading your chances of tire failure decrease substantially.  Another benefit to upgrading your stock tires is the traction they will provide.  Meaning you will be able to go places you never thought were possible with your old tires. 


    Most of the time just like tires, manufactures design stock shocks for use on the streets.  If you take shocks designed for the highway off road you're gonna have a bad time.  These stock shocks can lose their dampening ability when off roading, because when going over tough off road terrain the oil in the shocks can get way to hot causing it to boil.  Stock shocks weren't designed to handle the additional weight of aftermarket truck accessories, so if you are planning on adding larger tires and other heavy duty off road truck accessories then you had better upgrade those shocks as well. 

    Your going to need to trade those inferior stock shocks in for some stronger aftermarket shocks.  There are tons of aftermarket shocks available out there but they are usually pretty similar.  Most of the time they are larger, and they are better at dissipating heat.  So you won't have to worry about the oil boiling in your off road shocks.  As we said earlier there are tons of options when it comes to aftermarket shocks you can get hydro shocks, nitro shocks, and there is even a couple suppliers that offer remote-reservoir shocks which are a little pricier but definitely worth it as they run even cooler.  If you're having trouble finding a place to purchase your aftermarket shocks then head over to our website and see all of the shock absorbers we have to offer.  You won't be disappointed.  


    The ground clearance provided by your stock suspension simply won't cut it when you get off the road.  Due to fuel economy and handling your stock suspension is kept as low to the ground as possible, which can cause some serious trouble when your out on the trail.  Putting the larger tires that we talked about earlier can become problematic with your stock suspension as well.  If you want to increase your overall ground clearance, approach angle, and departure angle then you will need to add some aftermarket truck accessories.  

     There are tons of lift kits out there that can help increase your ground clearance as well as your approach and departure angles.  These lift kits include suspension lift kits, body lift kits, and leveling systems.  When it comes to off roading you're going to want the best of the best, which is why we suggest adding a suspension lift kit.  Body lift kits don't really increase your ground clearance much, because only your body is being lifted.  Leveling kits are a great choice if you're looking for cheap solution to your ground clearance problem, but because they only lift the front of your truck only your approach angle will be increased.  Which is why suspension lifts kits are the best choice.  They may be a little bit more expensive but it will be worth it because you can increase ground clearance, departure angle, and approach angle a lot based on the amount of lift the kit adds.  

    Skid Plates

    Most stock truck have almost no underbody protection.  If you off road as much as we do then you know when you're out on the trail rocks, stumps, and other hazards love to jump up and grab the underbody of your rig.  This can sometimes cause a lot of damage.  If a major part of your rig like an oil or transmission pan is damaged this could leave you stranded in the middle of no where.  There are other components that can take damage as well, while a lot of these won't leave you stranded they will be very expensive to fix. 

    EZ Wheeler offers a ton of underbody and rocker protection for your off roading adventure.  Skid plates come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some are pretty basic while others offer all-encompassing protection.  If you are going to be doing any serious off roading you are going to need skid plates because they will smooth out the under body of your rig and eliminate the grab points that rocks and stumps like to hang onto.

    If you are looking to do some serious off roading then you will definitely need to beef up your stock rig with some heavy duty truck accessories.  Some times it's hard to track down and purchase all of the truck accessories you're looking for.  Thanks to EZ Wheeler all of the truck accessories we've mentioned can be found in one convenient place: EZ Wheeler.com!!  Visit our online shop today to outfit your off road rig with the best truck accessories and aftermarket parts the industry has to offer.  

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