Is a Truck Cap Worth the Investment?

Truck caps offer a ton of benefits to your truck and we all know that, but are all those benefits worth the investment?

If you want our opinion, the short answer is YES!

When you look at all the benefits that a truck cap has to offer, it’s easy to see that the benefits outweigh the small investment it takes to put one on your truck.  Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before you make your investment.  

Know Why you Need a Truck Cap

The first thing you should be thinking about when you're thinking of purchasing a truck cap is your needs.  The biggest and most obvious need is the need to store gear in a weatherproof environment.

But there are other things you need to be thinking about…

Are you going to need standing or crouching room? Or room for tall caro?  Do you want access to the entire bed?  Would you like to mount things to the roof of your truck cap?  Do you need to protect expensive gear?  Are you going to be sleeping or camping under the cap?

These are all question that should be at the forefront of your mind when you are making your truck cap purchase.

What are the benefits of a Truck Cap?

We’ve already stated that the benefits of a truck cap are obvious, but just incase there is someone out there that doesn’t already know all of the benefits that truck caps have to offer, we will outline some of the major reasons to consider one for your truck.

Weather Protection

The most obvious reason we’ve already mentioned.  If you have a truck cap you can store your wood and expensive equipment in a place that's safe from wind, snow, rain, and whatever else mother nature throws your way.

Theft Deterrent

Speaking of all that expensive equipment, if you are hauling expensive tools and equipment a truck cap will be a huge deterrent to burglars and thieves.  So you can rest assured that your valuable equipment will be safe and secure inside your truck cap, wherever your truck may be parked.  


If you do a lot of camping and hunting then a truck cap is perfect for you.  A carpet lined cap and bed is perfect for sleeping in.   So you leave the tent at home on the next camping trip.  You can also add things like fishing pole holders to help you store your fishing and hunting gear.

So is a Truck Cap Worth it?

Yes!  A truck cap is definitely worth the investment.  As long as you know exactly what your needs are going to be, a cap can add a ton of benefits to your truck.  If the weather protection, theft deterrent, and camping benefits haven’t swayed you and you’re still on the fence then give us a call at:  (260) 478-2709 and one of our A.R.E. truck cap specialist will help guide you to the truck cap that’s perfect for you!

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