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  • Off-Roading Tips for your Custom Truck

    1). Ground Clearance

    Ground Clearance is one of the most important factors when you are traveling over harsh terrain, which is why you want to have as much space as possible between the ground and the underside of your truck.  

    If you didn’t have this ground clearance, you will certainly acquire some damage when climbing over rocks, boulders, and stumps. These obstacles will no doubt catch on the underside of your truck, resulting in high centering.  So before you do any off-roading make sure you have plenty of ground clearance.  

    If you need any extra clearance you can find extremely affordable Body and Suspension Lift Kits at EZWheeler.com!!

    2). Skid Plates

    When you are doing some serious off-roading, things like rock crawling, it doesn’t matter how much ground clearance you have.  Off-roading can do some serious damage, which is why you want to protect the underside of your truck with steel skid plates.

    Rock sliders will protect your rocker panels, While a gas tank skid plate will keep you from catching on fire, and a transfer case skid plate will save you from having to walk home.

    It's also always a good idea to protect your differentials, oil pan, and any other vulnerable components under your truck.

    If you are in need of Skid Plates, make sure you head over to EZWheeler.com and check out our selection!!

    3). Approach, Departure, and Breakover Angles

    • A vehicle's approach angle represents the steepest hill it can climb without brushing or slamming its front bumper against the slope.
    • The breakover angle is an indication of the steepest crest a vehicle can traverse without high centering.
    • The departure angle represents the steepest grade a vehicle can descend without brushing or slamming its rear bumper against the slope.

    If you have short overhangs and lots of ground clearance, you'll have very good approach and departure angles, allowing you to ascend and descend very steep slopes.   A short wheelbase and good ground clearance will allow a vehicle to travel over very sharp crests.

    4). Tires

    Street tires suck off-road. If you want to hang with the big boys, get yourself some all terrain tires, or, better yet, mud terrain tires. The key is to have deep treads, tough sidewalls, and the right rubber compound for the terrain.

    The bigger the tires, the better. 33 inch and 35 inch tires are the most common among experienced off-road enthusiasts. Air your tires down when you get to the trail to grow your contact patch for maximum traction.

    5). High Mounted Air Intake

    Sucking water into your engine is bad. Very bad. As water is not compressible, getting it in your cylinder will probably damage your connecting rods (this is known as hydrolocking your engine), as the rods try to push the piston up to compress the liquid.

    Therefore, you want to make sure that your air intake is elevated. Many off-road enthusiasts use snorkels, some of which can allow a vehicle to drive while completely submerged in water.

    While a high mounted air intake is important, driver technique is equally important when it comes to preventing hydrolock.

    If you are looking for a Snorkel then get over to EZWheeler.com and see what we have to offer!!

    6) Floor Mats

    There is one thing that we all know... If you're off-roading, things are going to get dirty!!  So make sure you take the proper steps to protect the interior of your truck. 


    A custom fit floor liner from Husky Liner is the perfect addition to any off-road rig.  You won't have to worry about all the mud and dirt on your boots because your floors are protected by Husky Liners. 


    If you are interested in a set of custom fit Husky Liners then head over to our website and enter your year make and model for a quote.

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