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    Navigation & Year, Make, Model Sidebar Filters

    On the top of the page you will find our Main Navigation bar, which will enable you to shop within specific categories of our inventory.

    Once you get to a Category Page, you will notice a sidebar to the left that has more filtering options.  These filtering options will allow you to view products that specifically fit your vehicle's year, make, and model.

    Here we are on the used truck caps page.  We will be looking for a used truck cap, for a 2016 Ford F150.  So we will choose "2016" in the first dropdown.  

    Take notice of the URL, it has now added a "/2016" to the end.

    Now we select "Ford F150" from the second drop down menu.

    Again take notice of the URL, it now reads "/2016+Ford-F150" at the end.

    Its important to note once you select a make and model, if you go back to change the make and model, the only options that will be there are those that fall under the same make.  To get the other options back, simply select the "All" option in that dropdown, then all makes and models will show back up there.