Why Buy A BDS Suspension Lift Kit?

A question we get asked a lot here at EZ Wheeler is, "why should I go with a BDS Suspension lift kit when I can get the same thing with a different sticker for a lot less money?" The answer is pretty simple really, when you go with a BDS Suspension lift kit you're getting way more than just a different sticker. There are about 3 main things that make BDS Suspension superior to all other brands.

Quality Lift Kits

When it comes to quality BDS is number one, they work hard to insure that all of their parts a22e built to last. BDS lift kits are built for extreme off road performance and can handle almost anything you through at it. If your part can't hang then your life time warranty will handle the rest, but more on that latter.

Lift Kits Made in America

Another great thing about BDS lift kits is that they are manufactured in America. That's right BDS works hard to make sure that all of their parts are sourced right here on American soil. Meaning when you purchase a BDS Suspension lift kit from EZ wheeler you are supporting American companies and jobs. It also means that all BDS parts are built durably by American hands to to ensure the highest of quality. Would you trust those Chinese parts while hitting an off road trail? We wouldn't!!

No Fine Print Warranty

Our favorite thing about BDS Suspension is their commitment to be the best. They are extremely confident in the product they sell. Which is why they warranty that states simply this:

"If you are the original purchaser of any BDS product and it breaks, we will give you a new part. Period."

And that's it.

There are a few parts that receive normal wear and tear and are obviously excluded from the warranty, but that's pretty much it. If your part breaks they will replace it, without any hassle. This warranty also last a life time, so as long as you can prove your the original purchaser you can get your part replaced. This, to us, is one of the best reasons to go with a BDS Suspension lift.

BDS Suspension lift kits are some of the best on the market. They're high quality performance parts that are made for extreme conditions. They are American made, so your supporting American companies and jobs. And finally, the no fine print warranty that pretty much guarantees this will be the las kit you ever buy. Have we convinced you to take a look at a BDS Suspension lift yet? If so take a look at the BDS lift kits we have available on our website, EZWheeler.com.

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