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  • How to Get Your Truck Unstuck

    stuck truck

    The Best Ways to Get Yourself Out of Any Sticky Situation

    There is one thing that every off road expert knows how to do better than anything else, and that thing is getting stuck! That's right even the seasoned veterans get struck from time to time. Let's face it getting stuck is the easy part, getting out is a littler trickier and takes some technique and finesse.

    Sadly for you, we can not stop you from getting stuck in the mud, snow, or anything else, as we said earlier, everyone gets stuck, but what we can do is help you get out once you're past the point of no return.  

    So continue reading to learn all about the techniques and gear that you will need to help you get unstuck on any terrain.  

    3 Must Have Tools 

    We Can't stress it enough, YOU WILL GET STUCK!!  These 3 tools are essential when it happens.  So make sure you are prepared for the worst by making sure these are packed in your truck. 


    This one's obvious right?  If you get stuck in the mud, sand, or snow you are going to need a shovel to dig yourself out.  We'd suggest getting a quality shovel with a metal handle.  The wooden handles tend to dry rot and break when you need them most.

    Lift Jack

    Chances are your off road rig is huge and probably pretty hard to move on your own.  This is where a lift jack will come in handy.  It will give you an advantage and help you push, pull, and lift your truck back onto the trail.  

    Tow Straps

    Tow straps are a must have!  Sure you need another truck to use them, but people will be much more likely to help you if you supply all the tools and equipment.  Don't go cheap, a quality tow strap will last you a long time and get you out of a ton of problems.  

    Getting Stuck in the Mud

    Getting stuck in the mud can be one of the hardest things to get out of, especially with all the different types of mud out there.  So we are here to prepare you for your local mud pit. 

    • The easiest way to get stuck in the mud is by driving trough trenches made by someone with bigger tires than what you have.  So always avoid those.  
    • Driving through mud is all about traction and propulsion, so keep your wheel speeds high and never stop forward movement.  
    • When the mud won't let you move forward any more, your best bet is to throw it in reverse and follow the tracks you just made out.  
    • You can also turn the steering wheel left and right while gassing the throttle to throw the mud off your tires which will increase traction. 
    • When all else is lost and your buried in mud sometimes a winch, tow strap, or come-along is all that can get you out.  
    • Last mudding pro tip.  If you are buried up to your transfer case your best bet is probably to jack yourself out and stuff dirt, logs, or other debris under the tires to gain traction.

    Getting Stuck in Sand

    If you like driving on sand dunes then this section will help you out when you get stuck.  Trust us, it's bound to happen.  

    • When you get stuck in the sand try airing down your tires even more.  Seriously air them down a lot, almost to the point of the tire coming off the rim.  This will give you more surface area and might help you get out.  
    • Just like mud, when you're on sand you want to keep your momentum up.  The second you stop if you're not on a firm surface or facing down hill you bound to get stuck. 
    • If you get stuck on sand never spin the tires.  This will only cause your tires to dig holes, getting you more stuck.  
    • If you find yourself stuck just like mud it's best to back out of the situation.  This is because the sand you just drove on will be packed down.
    • Put that shovel to use.  Dig out all the excess sand in front of you and jam some debris that will give you some traction.  
    • If all else fails get someone to pull you to more firm ground.  Which again often means pulling you back in the direction you came from.  

    Getting Stuck in the Snow

    It's probably important to start with this P.S.A., off roading in snow probably means that you are going to be facing super cold weather.  If you are not prepared for this weather it's probably a better idea to leave the rig behind and get prepared, before you start tackling the excavation of your vehicle.  

    • A set of chains will go a long way.  If you get stuck in the snow, throwing some chains on all your tires will do a lot to help get you out.  If you only have one set make sure they are on the front tires. 
    • Snow is going to mask a lot of obstacles, so make sure you stick to the trail.  This will ensure you don't get hung up on a tree stump or a fallen log covered by snow. 
    • Just like mud and sand, momentum is your friend keep your rig moving and you are less likely to get stuck. 
    • If you do get stuck, it's the same drill and sand and mud.  Try to reverse through the same tracks that you made coming in.
    • If worse comes to worse, then you'll have to resort back to the shovel.  Dig yourself out, and throw some kitty litter or sand down to give you more traction.  

    Getting Stuck on a Rock 

    Off roading over rocky terrain is some what tricky and technical.  Even the best rock crawlers get hung up from time to time.  These tips are sure to help you while out rock crawling.  

    • High centering on the frame or suspension is the most common to get stuck on rocks.  If this happens a winch is probably your best bet in getting it down. 
    • You could also use your jack to lift your rig up and over the obstacle.  Sometimes putting some air in your tires can even give you the extra height to get over the obstacle.  
    • When it comes to rock crawling, preventative measures need to be taken.  So don't be afraid to get out of your vehicle and survey the trail to figure out how your going to tackle the obstacle. 
    • It's also possible to get your rig wedged between rocks that below, beside, or even above you.  Work with a spotter to where to put your tires and which way to turn the wheel to get you through those tight spots.  

    When it comes to off roading EZ Wheeler knows what we are talking about.  We've been in the industry for 30 long years, and we go out of our way to make things EZ for you!!  If you would like some help building your off road rig, head over to EZWheeler.com today!!

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