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4 Pickup Truck Modifications you Shouldn't put on your Daily Driver

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Mods to Avoid on Your Daily Driver

Here in the U.S. we love to modify our trucks.  Covering them in light bars, installing insanely tall lift kits, and putting giant wheels and tires on are just some of the modifications we love to make.  

Now these mods are perfect for a custom show truck or an off road rig, but this article isn't about how to build an off roading or show truck, it's about your daily driver.  

So continue to read to discover four of the truck modifications that you should avoid on your daily driver and why.  

1. Huge lifts

There is nothing that can stop your lifted truck, right? Well what about getting stuck in the snow after your axles get hung up on the snow.  Even a 25mph turn can be dangerous with that high center of gravity.  Hills can also be treacherous with the center of gravity so high.  Lifting your truck is great if if you plan on bogging through the mud.  But, it's probably a better idea to do it on a cheaper project truck rather than your daily driver.  

2. Big wheels

First of all, Big heavy wheels are going to kill your horse power.  Second, having giant wheels adds no benefits when driving on roads.  It might look cool, but your going to be sacrificing ride quality.

3. Aggressive off-road tyres

Good off road tires are great if you are going to be spending a lot of time on dirt roads, trails, or in the open country side.  The key word there is good off road tire.  Don't go crazy and get some huge aggressive tires because you can run into some problems when driving on pavement with these huge knobby tires. 

The knobby nature of these tires make them extremely noisy when you drive them on pavement, which can get rather annoying.  They are annoying and useless on dry pavement and surprisingly poor on wet pavement as well.  They probably seem like they would be good for snow, but when you get them on a plowed hard packed road you'll be sliding all over the place. 

4. Straight-pipe exhaust

When American vehicles were choked with emissions, lopping off half the exhaust for better flow and an aggressive sound was rather commonplace, if slightly illegal.

I don’t see people doing this to brand new pickups (yet) but as five-year-old F-150s and Dodge Rams fall to younger generations, the hacksaws come out and the mufflers go buh-bye. At least they’re cutting after the catalytic converters (most of the time), but apparently they don’t understand that modern engines are designed to work best with bit of back pressure.

Remember if you are building a custom show truck or a beastly off road rig these modification are great and you can purchase them at  But, when you put them on  your daily driver you can start running into problems.  So, please avoid these mods on your daily driver!!!

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