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  • Offroading Parts Checklist | Does your Truck have Everything it Needs?

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    Going off-roading is a fun way to get the most out of your Jeep or truck. These types of vehicles are designed for speeding through gullies and cresting dunes. Without the proper truck accessories, however, you might have to call off your off-roading trip before it even begins. Make sure that you have the following parts on deck before you leave the pavement behind.


    Special lighting systems are available that light up every nook and cranny when you venture off the road at night. Some of these accessories mount on the front bumper of your truck to provide additional lighting at the same level as your headlights. Other lighting systems consist of long LED bars that bolt to the roof of your truck. These lights cast a wide beam of incredibly bright light across the width of the visible terrain in front of you.


    You can also purchase special tires that are specifically designed for off-road conditions. These tires usually have deep treads that provide greatly improved traction over normal tires. Off-road tires are installed just like normal tires, and special tubes are not required.

    Lift Kits

    If you want even bigger tires than those that will currently fit on your truck, you might want to consider investing in a lift kit. These hardware kits are used to raise the body of your truck up high above the ground. The higher that your truck rides, the more space you’ll have to install bigger tires than those that will fit on your stock wheels.

    Suspension Parts

    There are also special suspension kits designed specifically for the conditions that you'll encounter when you venture off the road. Different suspension kits are available for different types of off-roading, so you'll want to carefully determine where you’ll be spending most of your time before purchasing and installing a suspension kit. Some kits are better suited for rock crawling while other kits are designed specifically for cruising through the desert at high speeds.

    No matter what type of off-roading truck accessories you need, you can find what you're looking for at EZ Wheeler. The truck experts at EZ Wheeler can help you find the right parts among all of the off-roading accessories that are available. Finding the right accessories for your truck ensures that your excursion will be an exciting experience.
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