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Husky Liners vs. Floor Mats | Which is Better?

Pros and Cons of Husky Liners and Floor Mats

Floor Mat Pros:

  • Extremely Affordable: Floor mats are much simpler in design, which translates to a much cheaper price for you.
  • Diverse selection: The only other great advantage we could think of for Floor mats, is that they come in a wide variety of universal and custom compositions. Most manufacturers also make rubber and carpet models to swap out when the weather changes.

Floor Mat Cons:

  • Cover less of the car - While mats protect the vehicle's floor, they leave the side boards and space under the seats exposed. Some manufacturers also produce cheaper floor mats that don't always cover the entire floor.
  • Wear out quicker - Floor mats have a thinner construction than liners, which causes them to wear down quickly. Carpet floor mats usually have a short shelf life because their fibers absorb a lot of moisture and dirt over time.

Husky Liner Pros

  • Long-lasting - Most floor liners are constructed of heavy-duty rubber or plastic materials that can withstand dirt, water and other grime. This thick composition usually holds up over a longer period of time than floor mats and is ideal if you live in an area that experiences harsh weather.
  • Cover more of the car - Liners are built to cover the entire floor, side floorboards and even under the seats. This makes floor liners a solid option in cars, trucks and SUVs built without carpeted floors to keep the surface from rusting.

Husky Liner Cons:

  • Less affordable - Since they're made of durable materials and rigid compositions, floor liners can be a bit pricier than carpet or rubber mats.
  • Fit restrictions - Floor liners are typically bigger than mats and need to fit properly on the driver's side to accommodate both the gas and brake pedals. The rubber or thick plastic can wrinkle if liners aren't installed correctly, which can cause water and dirt to seep onto the floor. That's why it might be wise to consider custom-fitted liners over universal designs.

Which One Will you Get?

There you have it folks the pros and cons of our favorite floor protectors.  Get over to our site to checkout our complete inventory of floor mats, and custom fit Husky Liners. 

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