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  • Extang 16-19 Nissan Titan XD (6-1/2ft) (w/Rail System) Trifecta 2.0
    Product Type Tonneau Cover
    Vendor Extang
    California Prop 65 View Warning


    Extang 16-19 Nissan Titan XD (6-1/2ft) (w/Rail System) Trifecta 2.0

    • $ 499.99

    Choose Simple: Extang's redesigned soft tri-fold cover has a host of new features yet remains the easiest to install and simplest to use. The newly redesigned Trifecta 2.0 is the strongest vinyl tri-fold truck bed cover available, and built to last for years. Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA! Your choice in soft tri-fold covers is still simple!
    Trifecta 2.0 Tonneau Cover - Black - Leather Grained Fabric - 2016-2021 Nissan Titan XD 6' 6" Bed with Utili-Track System
    2019 Nissan Titan XD 78.0 Bed With Utili-Track System, 2016-2018 Nissan Titan XD 78.7 Bed With Utili-Track System, 2020 Nissan Titan XD 78.7 Bed With Utili-Track System

    2016,Nissan,Titan XD,Platinum Reserve
    2016,Nissan,Titan XD,PRO-4X
    2016,Nissan,Titan XD,S
    2016,Nissan,Titan XD,SL
    2016,Nissan,Titan XD,SV
    2017,Nissan,Titan XD,Platinum Reserve
    2017,Nissan,Titan XD,PRO-4X
    2017,Nissan,Titan XD,S
    2017,Nissan,Titan XD,SL
    2017,Nissan,Titan XD,SV
    2018,Nissan,Titan XD,Platinum Reserve
    2018,Nissan,Titan XD,PRO-4X
    2018,Nissan,Titan XD,S
    2018,Nissan,Titan XD,SL
    2018,Nissan,Titan XD,SV
    2019,Nissan,Titan XD,Platinum Reserve
    2019,Nissan,Titan XD,PRO-4X
    2019,Nissan,Titan XD,S
    2019,Nissan,Titan XD,SL
    2019,Nissan,Titan XD,SV
    2020,Nissan,Titan XD,Platinum Reserve
    2020,Nissan,Titan XD,PRO-4X
    2020,Nissan,Titan XD,S
    2020,Nissan,Titan XD,SL
    2020,Nissan,Titan XD,SV
    2021,Nissan,Titan XD,Platinum Reserve
    2021,Nissan,Titan XD,PRO-4X
    2021,Nissan,Titan XD,S
    2021,Nissan,Titan XD,SL
    2021,Nissan,Titan XD,SV
    2022,Nissan,Titan XD,Platinum Reserve
    2022,Nissan,Titan XD,PRO-4X
    2022,Nissan,Titan XD,S
    2022,Nissan,Titan XD,SL
    2022,Nissan,Titan XD,SV

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