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  • 7" (2.5 RR) Coilover Lift Kit (818F) FITS 2016-2020 Toyota Tundra 4WD

    7" (2.5 RR) Coilover Lift Kit (818F) FITS 2016-2020 Toyota Tundra 4WD

    • $ 4,613.19

    Product Title: 7" (2.5 RR) Coilover Lift Kit (818F) FITS 2016-2020 Toyota Tundra 4WD | Brand: BDS Suspension | Model: 818F | Base Price: $4,613.19 | Item Weight: n/a | Product Dimensions: n/a | Item Model Number: 818F | Manufacturer Number: 818F | OEM Part Number: 818F | View Instructions: Click Here and Click Here | CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: California Proposition 65|
    Tire & Wheel Combinations
    35 x 12.50 w/18x9 and 5-1/2" back spacing
    35 x 12.50 w/20x9 and 5-1/2" back spacing
    37 x 12.50 w/20x9 and 6-1/4" back spacing

    *Trimming may be required*
    Est. Installation: 8 hours
    Difficulty Level (easy 1 - 5 complicated): 3

    Product Details:

    This system utilizes BDS proven design standards including one-piece front & rear crossmembers coupled with precision machined ductile cast iron steering knuckles. The steering knuckles are designed to work within the factory traction control constraints and provide stock-like handling characteristics. The knuckles are also considerably more robust in both the mass and strength categories over the rather light-duty stock components.

    The BDS High Clearance crossmembers are built from 1/4" laser cut steel and maximize ground clearance and strength. The relocated differential is protected by a skid plate tying the crossmemember together. The system also includes new sway bar links to correct the sway bar geometry.

    The rear of the kit comes all the components necessary to level the truck and center the axle in the wheel well. This includes a 4" block, u-bolts and brake line relocation brackets. BDS by Fox 2.0 series rear shocks come standard in this system.

    Nothing complements this BDS Suspension better than the race proven design of Fox 2.5" remote reservoir coil-over front shocks. These have been specifically engineered to fit the BDS Suspension system and feature an external reservoir for increased oil cooling capacity and nitrogen volume for a more consistent and comfortable ride. These have also been pre-set by BDS to the correct ride height for an easy installation, but can also be fined tuned to your liking.

    FOX Coil-Over Dual Speed Compression (DSC) Adjuster Technology |The Dual Speed Compression (DSC) adjuster provides added control and comfort tuning for on-road use while also offering more aggressive damping for use off-road. The adjuster allows for precise suspension tuning with the simple twist of two clearly defined knobs: No tools and no mess, just a way to easily fine-tune your suspension to best suit your needs in any conditions. The DSC increases both low and high-speed compression levels up to 25%, allowing you to maximize small bump compliance and traction while still having the extra damping required for big hits.

    - LSC Adjustment Range - The Low Speed Compression (LSC) adjuster knob offers 10 clicks of adjustment and primarily affects compression damping during slow suspension movements such as G-outs or smooth jump landings. It also affects wheel traction and the harshness or plushness of the vehicle's ride.

    - HSC Adjustment Range - The High Speed Compression (HSC) adjuster knob offers 12 clicks of adjustment and mainly affects compression damping during medium to fast suspension movements such as steep jump faces, harsh flat landings, and aggressive wash board roads.


    Make Model WD Years
    Toyota Tundra 2WD/4WD 2016-2020

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