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  • Eagle - 2 Silicone Light Bulb Covers - (1156/1157) - EZ Wheeler
    Product Type Lighting
    Vendor Eagle
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    Eagle - 2 Silicone Light Bulb Covers - (1156/1157)

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    Silicone Light Bulb Covers. Fits 1156 and 1157 Bulb Size. Large - Approximately 31mm tall, widest width ~27mm, base width ~19mm. Changes color of clear bulbs to Green, Red. Blue or Purple. Slips over clear bulbs, will not burn like Plastic Covers. Not all colors are legal for street use. Show use only. Can also fit on 1176 and 1154 bulbs. Sold in a pair.

    Customer Reviews

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    Daniel B.
    Perfect color change without the issues of LEDs

    I wanted red turn signals in the rear. I did not like the fried egg look of the clear lense and yellow bulb in the center. I originally got LEDs and had to replace the car's flasher to avoid hyper flashing. Eventually the flasher became faulty. Rather than continuing to fix these bugs, I opted to try these colored bulb covers.

    I got the red color and put them right over my original 7440 incandescent amber bulbs. The color is now a deep orange when illuminated and dark red when off. The light housing no longer looks like a fried egg. The light is bright and unique and road legal. And the original flasher is back in the car.

    Everything works fine and looks great. Simplest bulb modification ever.

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