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  • Rugged Ridge 18-22 Jeep Wrangler JL Cargo Storage Drawers
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    Product Type Interior Lighting
    Vendor Rugged Ridge
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    Rugged Ridge 18-22 Jeep Wrangler JL Cargo Storage Drawers

    • $ 749.99

    Tow straps, tool kits, spare parts and recovery gear*it's enough to turn your Jeep's cargo area into a trash pile. And forget about trying to find what you need when you need it. But it doesn't have to be that way anymore. The Rugged Ridge Cargo Storage Drawers are designed for Wrangler JKU / JLU to make quick and tidy work of the most cluttered of cargo areas. Its sturdy steel construction features two spacious drawers sliding on easy-glide rollers, and roomy enough to store all of your trail essentials. Each drawer is fitted with oversized paddle handle latches and are fully-lockable to protect your gear even when the top's down. On top, convenient recessed tie downs help you anchor larger cargo like coolers, tool boxes, and camping gear while a sliding work station extends out back to serve as a tabletop for a wide range of duties, from trailside repairs to tailgating. Bolt one in and get your Wrangler instantly organized!
    Cargo Storage Drawers; Black;
    Jeep: Wrangler 2018 - 2022

    2018,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon
    2018,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara
    2018,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport
    2018,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport S
    2019,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Moab
    2019,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon
    2019,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara
    2019,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport
    2019,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport S
    2020,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon
    2020,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara
    2020,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport
    2020,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport S
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited 80th Anniversary
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Freedom
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited High Altitude
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited High Altitude 4xe
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Islander
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon 392
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon 4xe
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara 4xe
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara Altitude
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport Altitude
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport S
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Willys
    2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Willys Sport
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited High Altitude
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited High Altitude 4xe
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited High Tide
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon 392
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon 4xe
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara 4xe
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara Altitude
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport Altitude
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport S
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Willys
    2022,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Willys Sport
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Freedom
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited High Altitude
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited High Tide
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon 392
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon 4xe
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara Altitude
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport Altitude
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport S
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Willys
    2023,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Willys Sport
    2024,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon
    2024,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon 392
    2024,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon 4xe
    2024,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon X
    2024,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara
    2024,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport
    2024,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport S
    2024,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Willys
    2024,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Willys Sport

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