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  • Fox 08+ Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 2.5 Factory Series R/R Coilover Set w/DSC Adj. / 0-2in. Lift
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    Fox 08+ Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 2.5 Factory Series R/R Coilover Set w/DSC Adj. / 0-2in. Lift

    • $ 2,199.95

    Developed from our off-road race shocks, FOX Factory Race Series combines race-proven technology with new, cutting-edge features to provide enhanced ride-quality and winning damping performance you can bolt onto your truck or SUV.
    Kit: 08-ON Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Front Coilover; 2.5 Series; R/R; 5.7/quot;; 0-2/quot; Lift; DSC
    Uncompromised performance through FOX*s patented internal bypass technology delivers the feel of near-endless suspension travel. Exclusive internal bypass technology allows oil to flow around the piston at some points of the stroke * while creating humongous pressure at other points * supporting the vehicle like no other product can.

    Floating through terrain is accomplished with FOX*s ride zone * combining a race-developed shock piston, internal bypass and Dual Speed Compression adjustment * allowing fine tuning for weight, terrain and speed.

    Dominate any terrain with the brute strength of 3- and 2.5-inch aluminum bodies, cactus cooler reservoirs and 7/8* shafts with redundant seals, all proven in the harshest of environments under the toughest of conditions.
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