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  • Air Lift Air Lift 1000 Air Spring Kit
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    Air Lift Air Lift 1000 Air Spring Kit

    • $ 123.99

    and improve ride and handling for full-size vans and trucks with front coil springs. Air adjustable with quick connecting, easy-to-use air fittings, Air Lift 1000 air helper springs have a typical max pressure of 35 PSI on cars and SUVs, and 90 PSI on motorhomes. They also have up to 1000 pounds of leveling capacity, right up to the manufacturer's recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Air Lift 1000 kits also come standard with a limited lifetime warranty and an exclusive 60 day ride satisfaction guarantee.
    Air Lift 1000; Coil Spring; Rear; No Drill; Installation Time - 2 Hours Or Less;
    Fully adjustable air springs level your vehicle when towing or hauling a heavy load for a safe comfortable ride; Installs inside coil spring to eliminate sag and bottoming out; Rugged durable components including air springs and all hardware; Easy to install with included instructions; Up to 1000 pounds of leveling capacity; Limited Lifetime Warranty (parts); Tough Molded Polyurethane; Limited Lifetime Warranty

    2008,Chrysler,Town & Country,Limited
    2008,Chrysler,Town & Country,LX
    2008,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring
    2008,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SXT
    2009,Chrysler,Town & Country,Limited
    2009,Chrysler,Town & Country,LX
    2009,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring
    2009,Dodge,Grand Caravan,C/V
    2009,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SE
    2009,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SXT
    2010,Chrysler,Town & Country,Limited
    2010,Chrysler,Town & Country,LX
    2010,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring
    2010,Chrysler,Town & Country,Walter P. Chrysler Signature Series
    2010,Dodge,Grand Caravan,C/V
    2010,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SE
    2010,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SXT
    2010,Volkswagen,Routan,SEL Premium
    2011,Chrysler,Town & Country,Limited
    2011,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring
    2011,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring L
    2011,Dodge,Grand Caravan,C/V
    2011,Dodge,Grand Caravan,Crew
    2011,Dodge,Grand Caravan,Express
    2011,Dodge,Grand Caravan,Mainstreet
    2011,Dodge,Grand Caravan,R/T
    2011,Volkswagen,Routan,SEL Premium
    2012,Chrysler,Town & Country,Limited
    2012,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring
    2012,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring L
    2012,Dodge,Grand Caravan,Crew
    2012,Dodge,Grand Caravan,R/T
    2012,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SE
    2012,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SXT
    2012,Volkswagen,Routan,SEL Premium
    2013,Chrysler,Town & Country,Limited
    2013,Chrysler,Town & Country,S
    2013,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring
    2013,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring L
    2013,Dodge,Grand Caravan,Crew
    2013,Dodge,Grand Caravan,R/T
    2013,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SE
    2013,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SXT
    2013,Volkswagen,Routan,SEL Premium
    2014,Chrysler,Town & Country,30th Anniversary Edition
    2014,Chrysler,Town & Country,Limited
    2014,Chrysler,Town & Country,S
    2014,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring
    2014,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring L
    2014,Dodge,Grand Caravan,American Value Package
    2014,Dodge,Grand Caravan,R/T
    2014,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SE
    2014,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SE 30th Anniversary Edition
    2014,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SXT
    2014,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SXT 30th Anniversary Edition
    2014,Volkswagen,Routan,SEL Premium
    2015,Chrysler,Town & Country,Limited
    2015,Chrysler,Town & Country,Limited Platinum
    2015,Chrysler,Town & Country,LX
    2015,Chrysler,Town & Country,S
    2015,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring
    2015,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring L
    2015,Dodge,Grand Caravan,American Value Package
    2015,Dodge,Grand Caravan,R/T
    2015,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SE
    2015,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SXT
    2016,Chrysler,Town & Country,Limited
    2016,Chrysler,Town & Country,Limited Platinum
    2016,Chrysler,Town & Country,LX
    2016,Chrysler,Town & Country,S
    2016,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring
    2016,Chrysler,Town & Country,Touring L
    2016,Dodge,Grand Caravan,American Value Package
    2016,Dodge,Grand Caravan,R/T
    2016,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SE
    2016,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SE Plus
    2016,Dodge,Grand Caravan,SXT

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