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JKS - FAB Steering Knuckle Flange Spacer (OGS930) - EZ Wheeler

JKS - FAB Steering Knuckle Flange Spacer (OGS930)

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FAB Steering Knuckle Flange Spacer

  • Steel flange spacer precisely positions wheel bearing/hub assembly relative to steering knuckle
  • Allows replacement of brake and steering components with parts from Grand Cherokee WJ for greater strength and reliability
  • Machined 0.25 in. construction ensures proper steering U-joint to ball joint and brake caliper to rotor alignment
  • Sold Individually; Purchase "2" if you need a pair.
  1. Requires OE steering knuckles, brake calipers, tie rod and drag link from Grand Cherokee WJ - available from any Jeep dealer or salvage yard.

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