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  • Pace Edwards 07-13 Chevy/GMC Silv & HD w/ CMS Track 6ft 6in Bed BedLocker w/ Explorer Rails
    Product Type Tonneau Cover
    Vendor Pace Edwards
    California Prop 65 View Warning


    Pace Edwards 07-13 Chevy/GMC Silv & HD w/ CMS Track 6ft 6in Bed BedLocker w/ Explorer Rails

    • $ 2,902.00
    • Save $ 615

    These BedLocker combos are Pace Edwards' innovative electric retractable tonneau covers. They feature a flush-mounted design and a textured black finish for tremendous strength, security, durability, and style. Operated via remote control, they open and close at the touch of a button in less than 30 seconds, and can be stopped at any point. With their drop-in, clamp-in design, these systems require no drilling on most applications, and install in less than one hour. Packed with value-added features, the BedLocker's patented silicone rubber hinge seal will not allow water to penetrate the retractable blanket. The covers are equipped with a motor drive for ultimate performance and reliability.
    Bedlocker? w/Explorer Series*Rails Tonneau Cover Kit; Incl. Canister/Rails; Powder Coated Aluminum Interlocked Panels; Electric Retractable; Black; With Cargo Channel System;
    BedLocker W-Explorer Rail Kit-07-13-CHEVY/GMC-Silverado/Heavy Duty w/CMS Track ( 2)-6ft. 6in.-SB

    2007,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LT
    2007,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LTZ
    2007,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,WT
    2007,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LT
    2007,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LTZ
    2007,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,WT
    2007,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLE
    2007,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLT
    2007,GMC,Sierra 1500,WT
    2007,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLE
    2007,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLT
    2007,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,WT
    2008,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LT
    2008,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LTZ
    2008,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,WT
    2008,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LT
    2008,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LTZ
    2008,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,WT
    2008,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLE
    2008,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLT
    2008,GMC,Sierra 1500,WT
    2008,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLE
    2008,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLT
    2008,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,WT
    2009,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LT
    2009,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LTZ
    2009,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,WT
    2009,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LT
    2009,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LTZ
    2009,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,WT
    2009,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLE
    2009,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLT
    2009,GMC,Sierra 1500,WT
    2009,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLE
    2009,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLT
    2009,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,WT
    2010,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LS
    2010,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LT
    2010,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LTZ
    2010,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,WT
    2010,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LT
    2010,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LTZ
    2010,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,WT
    2010,GMC,Sierra 1500,SL
    2010,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLE
    2010,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLT
    2010,GMC,Sierra 1500,WT
    2010,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLE
    2010,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLT
    2010,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,WT
    2011,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LS
    2011,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LT
    2011,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LTZ
    2011,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,WT
    2011,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LT
    2011,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LTZ
    2011,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,WT
    2011,GMC,Sierra 1500,SL
    2011,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLE
    2011,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLT
    2011,GMC,Sierra 1500,WT
    2011,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLE
    2011,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLT
    2011,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,WT
    2012,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LS
    2012,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LT
    2012,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LTZ
    2012,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,WT
    2012,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LT
    2012,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LTZ
    2012,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,WT
    2012,GMC,Sierra 1500,SL
    2012,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLE
    2012,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLT
    2012,GMC,Sierra 1500,WT
    2012,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLE
    2012,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLT
    2012,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,WT
    2013,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LS
    2013,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LT
    2013,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,LTZ
    2013,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500,WT
    2013,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LT
    2013,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LTZ
    2013,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,WT
    2013,GMC,Sierra 1500,SL
    2013,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLE
    2013,GMC,Sierra 1500,SLT
    2013,GMC,Sierra 1500,WT
    2013,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLE
    2013,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLT
    2013,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,WT
    2013,GMC,Sierra 3500 HD,Denali
    2013,GMC,Sierra 3500 HD,SLE
    2013,GMC,Sierra 3500 HD,SLT
    2013,GMC,Sierra 3500 HD,WT

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