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  • JKS - SwitchBlade Swaybar System (9100) - EZ Wheeler

    JKS - SwitchBlade Swaybar System (9100)

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    Jeep Wrangler TJ Adjustable Sway Bar System

    • Instantly select from five unique resistance levels to suit any speed, terrain and vehicle
    • Spring loaded indexing heads allow immediate performance adjustments without using any tools
    • Unique flexible blade arm design and polished indexing heads enhance vehicle appearance and make a striking impression everywhere you go
    • Self-contained engagement mechanism is protected from mud, dirt and snow for consistent and dependable operation every time
    • Adjustable end links accommodate ride height variations and enable tuning of swaybar angle
    • Silent Select technology eliminates mechanical backlash from the engagement mechanism for quiet operation and seamless vehicle integration
    1. Important Notes
    2. Compatible with Rubicon and Unlimited models
    3. Requires 2.0 to 6.0 in. suspension lift.
    4. It may be necessary to modify or replace front bumper to ensure proper clearance — refer to instructions.
    5. Front cross member must be intact and free of damage.
    6. Steering stop adjustments may be necessary to prevent interference between tires and blade arms at full steering lock.

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