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  • Zone Offroad - 3" Rear Leaf Springs Complete Kit - 84-01 Jeep XJ (J0308K) - EZ Wheeler

    3" Rear Leaf Springs Complete Kit (J0308K) FITS 84-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ

    • $ 316.05
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    Product Title: 3" Rear Leaf Springs Complete Kit (J0308K) FITS 84-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ | Brand: Zone Offroad | Model: J0308K | Retail: $381.63 | Item Weight: 45 lbs | Product Dimensions: n/a | Item Model Number: J0308K | Manufacturer Number: J0308K | OEM Part Number: J0308K | View Instructions: Click Here | CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: California Proposition 65|

    Product Description

    We've combined a pair of Zone Offroad 3″ replacement Jeep Cherokee XJ leaf springs with their specifically designed bushing kit, added new u-bolts and are offering it as an exclusive combo kit. This kit is ideal for replacing worn sagging rear springs on 3″ lifted XJs or upgrading your add-a-leaf kit like the Zone J6 or J7 to a full rear leaf spring kit like the Zone J21 or J22

    Many hours of R&D and testing have gone into producing Zone Offroad Products newest line of extremely capable value priced springs.

    The springs are a 5 leaf pack with anti-friction pads and center leaf spacer plates between each leaf. This design significantly decreases leaf pack internal friction. These rear leaf springs are designed to give 3" of lift and are set up to give the max amount of compression travel before the shackle is limited by the rear portion of the body. This allows the springs to flatten out as much as possible, which translates to increased wheel travel. They are designed to flex, but can still hold up and handle your load of gear.


    • Replacement Rear Leaf Springs that will ride great.
    • Bushings have UV stabilizer added
    • Specific durometer bushings to absorb road noise
    • Bushings are fluted for even grease distribution.
    • New rear U-bolts are included with high nuts and washers


    • Sold as a pair of rear Cherokee XJ rear leaf springs
    • Bushing kit J7008 is included
    • Option of Chrysler 8.25 or Dana 35 U-bolts


    Make Model Years
    Cherokee XJ

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