JKS - J-FLEX Adjustable (Front/Upper) Control Arms | TJ/XJ/WJ/ZJ/MJ (1652) - EZ Wheeler

JKS - J-FLEX Adjustable (Front/Upper) Control Arms | TJ/XJ/WJ/ZJ/MJ (1652)

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  • $ 250.00

  • Adjustable arm design utilizing a forged adjustable flex end and jam nut.
  • Improved caster and axle positioning on 0-4" lifts using the factory mounting locations
  • Forged end is fully rebuildable and greaseable.
  • 1-1/4"-12 threads provide ultimate strength and fine-tune adjustability.
  • Factory style rubber bushings at the non-adjustable ends for quite, maintenance-free operation.
  • CNC formed for proper tire, frame and axle mount clearance.
  • Includes class 10.9 replacement hardware for axle mounting point.
  • 3-sided "boxed" clevis design provides maximum strength over standard U-shaped clevis'.
  1. Designed for 0-4" rear lifts using the factory control arm mounts.