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CargoGlide 2000 - 73x48 used bedslide Most Full Size S/B Trucks #5

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  • $ 600.00

Used CargoGlide 2000

  • Measures 73"x48"
  • Fits most full size S/B trucks
  • Good Condition - no major damage
  • some scratches in floor
  • #2000 capacity


Fort Wayne, IN Location

Cargoglide units with 65% to 75% extension are designed with a low profile deck height of 3.875". With Recessed Handles and room for a sheet of plywood, our units work seamlessly with your vehicle. Side Thrust Bearings allow for smooth operation witht the vehicle is parked off-camber.

  • Turns your pickup bed into a giant 1/2 ton capacity drawer.
  • Reach anything safely from beside your tailgate.
  • T-slots to organize and attach sport racks.
  • Made in the USA with 100% weather-resistant & heavy-duty materials.